Who are we ?

A collective of young  professional, citizens from Belgium,  have decided to organize and to challenge the proposed statutory amendment legalizing the euthanasia of young children.

 Their name : Yellow Safety Jacket

Come and join us and make our voice heard.

What is it ? : a public demonstration to show that the extension of the existing law to children is not opportune and to demand a better control of the enforcement of the existing 2002 legislation.  The demonstration has been authorized by the competent authorities

dossard-jauneWhy ? : The assesment of the legalization of euthanasia for adults under the 2002 legislation does not look  good : the legal control mechanisms are deficient; there are serious and obvious conflicts of interests for some members of the control commission : the questions are political and parliament must address them.

How ? : We will meet in front of the control commission dressed in our Yellow Safety Jacket to show that the control mechanism has broken down…  Bring your yellow safety jacket (the one that every car needs to have will do just fine) and don’t forget to bring your whistles too !

Will you be of help ?  Your pressure is of paramount importance !  A citizen movement is born and growing.  It must be strong in order to have an impact.  Every one counts !

The collective of the Yellow Safety Jackets !